“Mark has exhibited a wide range of talent on the diversity of projects Cameron Pace Group manages. His attention to detail is balanced perfectly with his understanding of the creative flow for each project. He is a source of talent we rely on as his contributions to the projects are always top notch. On the Worlds Away project for Cirque he was a master at taking eight different camera formats and completing a comprehensive DI that made it look seamless.”

—  Vince Pace, CEO at Cameron Pace Group “Ghosts of the Abyss, “Aliens of the Deep”, “Avatar”

“Mark was highly-skilled and very effective on my project and I would certainly choose to work with him again and again.”

—  Mark Graziano, Executive Vice President of Post Production at DreamWorks Studios

“Mark is an amazing colorist, artist and perfectionist. His attention to the “little things” which end up making a huge difference sets him apart. I look forward to working with him in the future.”

—  Russell Carpenter, ASC  “Titanic, True Lies, This Means War”

“Mark is an excellent colorist. I worked with him on the DI for a movie this year and I could not have been happier with the final look we were able to create. He knows the inner workings of the DI Suite so well that it has become second nature. But, beyond his technical skill – and most importantly – he has a great eye and superb visual taste. Mark is my first choice for color timing.”

— Russ Alsobrook, Cinematographer “Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshal, Role Models”